From January 31st  to February 1st,  the Palais de Tokyo will host the first edition of the World Blockchain Forum.

For the first time, the WBF will gather the international Blockchain community for a tripartite event, uniting the tech world, businesses and governments.

By exploring the Blockchain world, the WBF wants to foster a global conversation about the technology by anticipating it impacts across these poles.

It is the opportunity to think, anticipate and draw the future of Blockchain – to set the basis for a new digital governance, society and economy.


January 31st 10am-11am

Opening Ceremony and Keynotes

January 31st 11am-12pm

Government Conference

Governments around the world can use blockchains for a myriad of applications including voting, land registries, tax collection, smart cities initiatives, supply chain management and many more. Discovering the stories and experiences of local and national governments with the subject, we’ll find out the coming challenges and opportunities for the use of blockchains in the public domain.

January 31st 12pm-12:30pm

Music Conference

As very different business-models co-exist to remunerate and value artist’s work, the Blockchain allows for instantaneous remuneration that supersedes the different intermediaries that exist between an artist and his fans.

January 31st 12:30pm - 1pm

Visualizing the Blockchain

January 31st 2pm - 2:30pm

Partner’s Fireside Chat

2:30pm - 3:30pm

Finance Conference

January 31st 3:30pm-4pm

Starting Your Journey

January 31st 4pm-5pm

Telcos & IoT Conference

The machine-to-machine interactions that underpin the Internet of Things have caused great security concerns. These interactions can easily be hacked and have disastrous consequences for connected objects and their users. By registering M2M interactions on secure Blockchains, IoT security is guaranteed.

February 1st 10am-11am

Insurance Conference

Smart contracts enabled on a blockchain secure player’s money in a pool and the encrypted code automatically releases the appropriate amount to each user after every round, eliminating the chance of risk and fraud.

February 1st 11am - 12pm

Energy Conference

The peer-to-peer network delivers real-time metering of local energy generation and usage, enabling the purchase and sale of spot delivery tokenized provisioned energy units. How can major energy companies leverage Blockchain tech in their favour and that of consumers?

February 1st 12pm-12:30pm

Ridesharing Conference

Both drivers and riders can interact on a decentralized application to connect to receive service. The reputation based system that incorporates smart contracts for the transactions eliminates the need for a third party.

February 1st 2pm-3pm

Traceability Conference

The provenance and origin of the goods we consume is becoming a central issue across the globe. By registering a product’s journey on the Blockchain, companies are not only able to certify their origin in a secure and unfalsifiable way but now they are also able to tell the story of their products. As consumer’s concern for corporate responsibility rises, traceability is bound to become a competitive advantage.

February 1st 3pm-4pm

Supply Chain Conference

As each item is given a reference code that is uploaded on the blockchain, the object can be tracked through public access of the supply chain as well as after its initial purchase. Enabling the process of tracking the object ensures authenticity and trust.

February 1st 4pm-4:30pm

Gaming Conferencce

As gaming has overtaken cinema as the biggest of the creative industries, in-game currency systems have become almost universal. Registering such interactions on a Blockchain reduces the possibility of frauds and cheats taking advantage of this currency system.

February 1st 4:30pm - 5pm

Closing Ceremony

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